Can I pay for my stay with credit cards?

Yes, we accept payments with credit cards, Visa, Euro / Mastercard, Carta and ATMs.

The hotel is equipped with internet access?

Yes There is an Internet Point at guests’ disposal. In addition we offer a free Wi-Fi to connect from the comfort of your room, with your devices.

Where can I park my car?

The hotel has a car park shared with other hotels, 100 meters away. The parking lot is fenced and guarded 24H, Service is included in the price of the hotel .

Pets are allowed in the hotel?

Pets are accepted (except in the restaurant) without problems and without additional cost.

There is an alarm clock available in the room?

On request, the front desk will put the alarm on the phone of your room

Bicycles can be taken forever?

Bicycles are free to take the morning after 10.00 and can be used no later than the 19: 00. And ‘forbidden to use it at night and use the beach.

the day of departure I can leave whenever I want?

The day of departure rooms must be left no later than 10:00 am in the morning. However you can leave your luggage at the hotel for a few hours after that time.

Arrival by train, how do?

Once you get off at the station of Riccione you can avviarvi by taxi or tram No. 125 that you take the last stop in front of the gardens …… and get off at the station of Misano Adriatico, if the train Arrives at the station of Misano Adriatico can walk the Via Repubblica way in (towards the sea), our hotel is on the seafront just turn right.

Check-in machine how to do?

From the NORTH exit Riccione exit from SOUTH CATHOLIC … then follow the signs to Misano Adriatico, the hotel is on the seafront in front of the beach 38. (We recommend you download the map) … Hotel Villa Rosa – Via Litoranea sud 4 – Misano Adriatico (RN) – Italy

Arrival by plane, how do?

airport “Fellini” Miramare is about 10 km from the hotel. We recommend you to take a taxi (we can also prenotarvelo us)

How do I send the deposit in advance?

We ask for a money order or wire transfer , communicating our IBAN, as deposit, addressed to: Hotel Villa Rosa – Via Litoranea sud 4 – Misano Adriatico (RN) – Italy

What should I do when I arrive at the hotel?

arrival at the hotel we submit to the bureau after 10.00 am and before 12 noon, 00 with valid documents of the people who will be staying for the registration of public safety. If you arrive at any other times we ask to be notified in Time scheduled arrival time.

Why at check-in I have to deliver an identity document and sign the Privacy?

The Law of Public Safety plans arrival at the hotel compiling a document containing identification information of the host along with the signature for the protection of personal data.

-At what time you can have breakfast? Breakfast is from 8:00 to 10:00.

-At what time you can have lunch? Lunch begins from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

•-At what time you dine? The dinner starts from 19:15 to 20:00

E 'possible to buy tickets at the hotel nightclubs or amusement parks?

Tickets not purchased them directly in the hotel but we can take them to the agency that takes care of both theme parks for the discos. Also you can choose, when possible, with packages including transportation by coach.

How are the rooms?

Our rooms are all en-suite and modernly furnished with satellite TV, Free Wi-Fi, electronic safe , telephone, alarm clock, bathroom with shower, hair dryer and window. They are all equipped with air conditioning (included in price)

Can I take anything from breakfast to eat during the day?

Our buffet is fully available to you for what you eat during the breakfast times. It is not allowed to bring anything away.

What's near the Hotel?

Near the hotel there are restaurants on the beach or in the streets behind, the bar, the newsstand, tobacco, a hike with various shops and ice cream shops open until late evening. You can also find some pubs and amusement arcades. We are close to a large shopping of clothing.

As I move to Misano Adriatico?

Misano Adriatico is easy to access for everyone, young people, adults, families and children. You can get around on foot or by bus if you want to reach the nearby Riccione or Cattolica. Every night you will find the classic festivals or markets of the sea. It ‘fun and convenient also turn on a bike.

There is -Bar in the Hotel?

The hotel has a bar inside where you will find products of coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

There is an obligation to return to the hotel in the evening?

No. The Hotel is open H24.

The service on the beach and a beach umbrella are included in the price of full board?

We have agreements with the bath 38 in front of our hotel where we have our beach cabins. The lifeguard will apply a discount of 8% to our customers who pay directly to him the portion of the umbrella and 2 beds (on average € 10,00 / 12,00 per day)

E 'possible to keep the room even after the check-out and leave in the afternoon?

Assuming that your room is not booked for the same day by another Customer, YES … it is possible, and the cost is equal to 50% of the daily price previously agreed upon. The room would be available until 18.30 hrs.

  • Payment according to the law:                                                                                               Dear Customer,                                                                                                                       Into the Italian legislation against money laundering (Article 231 D.Lgs.21.11.2007. 49) prohibits the transfer of money in cash when the value of the object is total equal to or greater than EUR 1000,00. Therefore, in the case in which the aggregate consideration due from You for our services is equal to or greater than EUR 1000,00, payment must be made by credit cards accepted by us. (Mastercard / Visa / ATM)
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